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Funding your case

We currently provide free initial advice on all case types.

In all cases the solicitor will work on a conditional fee agreement basis (CFA), which is more also known as the  ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

This means that if the case for compensation is unsuccessful, the injured person will not have to pay the legal costs for the investigation.

If the compensation claim is successful, then reasonable legal costs and a portion of the legal insurance premium will be paid by the defendant. 

The injured party will have to pay their solicitor’s ‘success fees’ out of their compensation settlement. This would be no more than 25% (plus VAT if applicable) from the fee awarded for general damages and other financial losses.  There may also be a deduction for any applicable insurance and we will ensure that you are advised of any such deductions and kept updated in this respect. 

Compensation awarded for future losses such as future care and treatment costs, are not be included in the deduction.